Notes from Members
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W. Hobbs
Thank you to all the members it is great to be a member. Looking forward to working in the Chapter.
R. Cathey
Recieved a Christmas Card
Last two years were a Roller Coaster; One son got married and and were got a Grandchild. But we also had a couple of deaths in the family.
The best to all from R.& S.
J. Buchanan
After 16 years in Europe takes time to get everyting together here. The new house and Virginia are keeping us on the run.
Warm regards to all J. & L.
A. Piatt
Glad to hear that the Chapters are still supporting the JROTC awards program in Europe
Have been busy getting a new Chapter organized in Chattanooga
(From Web Master Great and good luck with the new Chapter).
D. Zabecki
Schwetzingen, Germany-- Recently promoted Maj. Gen. David T. Zabecki has been in a bit of a whirlwind over the 18 months. After assuming command of the 7th Army Reserve Command (ARCOM) headquartered in Schwetzingen, Germany in March 2002, the command mobilized 19 of its 22 units and more than 450 of its personnel for Operation Enduring Freedom. From Fall 2002 through the Summer of 2003 the ARCOM also supported four rotations in the Balkans with one unit and more than 200 personnel. Not long aftger ARCOM units began mobilizing for OIF, Zabecki was mobilized to lead the U.S. Army Europe Deployment Operations Center, the brain-center for managing thedeplozmentof troops, supplies and equipment forthe war in Iraq. As if all this wasn´t enough, after only 18 months in command, Zabecki was asked to leave command early to serve as part of President Bush´s Peace Initiative in the Middle East.